Water & Wastewater

In the supply and disposal industry, we have many years of experience in the water and wastewater management field.

We have many project references for industrial water management in plants, drinking water and deionized water.

In the field of sewage treatment plants we both build systems in a regional and industrial environment. We control sub-processes such as pumping stations, stormwater retention, pre-purification, aeration basins or SBR-reactors, as well as flotations, ozonizations, flocculation or sludge thickening.

Our activities focus on the implementation of complete new plants as well as on plant regeneration during operation.

Since the technical equipment of our customers is often geographically spread widely, we offer proprietary remote control solutions based on standard PLC with data transfer via mobile, private leased lines or radio data as an inexpensive alternative.

Overall, we can offer you tailored control systems relying on a multitude of custom-developed database modules optimized for your problem.


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